What is an Intern?

An Intern is a college student working at a firm for a short period of time. It is usually a requirement in school for them so they have no choice but to do it before they graduate. It benefits both the company internshipemploying the intern and the student as well. The student gains experience from working at the company and she has a chance of getting absorbed by the company if her performance is good. The company can choose to not pay the intern if they are in a cost-cutting mood since it is optional to pay them using this discount but that won't be the case if they choose to absorb the intern.

The student can also feel what it is like in the real world before graduating so it won't be too late for a career shift if they don't like what they are doing in the tasks given to them. They can also gain new friends which is important as the interns they are with will most likely be taking the same career path. It is possible they are not from the same school but they most likely took up the same course or something similar to it. The company can make the intern do basically any task in the company from admin tasks to hard ones and the intern probably can't do anything to protest that. It is going to be a learning experience for them and the company will grade them in the end. The best thing to do would be to get an internship at a big company that has already been established. It would definitely be a great experience and feel like they are getting a coupon and the feeling would be great working there. The pressure would be on the Intern in trying to excel in his performance so he would get absorbed there. The salary would be high if the employer saw the intern deserves it. The intern does not even have to wait for his graduation before he can start in the company. The feeling can't be compared to anything as it will indeed be exciting working for a good company.


It is possible some workmates in the company can put down interns if they see they have potential and can possibly take them out of their position. They will certainly do anything in their power to make sure that does not happen. You can't blame them for doing that but it is not right to do so since interns also have a bright future ahead of them. The reason companies hire 60% off Amateur Allure discount interns who were with them is because they don't have to be trained that much since they already know what goes down in the company. This is why a lot of interns end up staying where they took up their internship or if the time gets bad, they hover around. It is ultimately up to them though as they can also choose to work elsewhere. There is no need for any form of loyalty since Interns don't need to sign any form of contract when they take an internship. If ever a company makes them sign a contract then it is just to abide by their rules and regulations. There should be nothing that is added to that. A student should not be after companies who pay for the Internships.

If ever it is paid then the amount should probably just cover the transportation expenses. The student should be focused more on learning from the company since the internship won't last that long. You will rarely this good or see an Intern who is not a college student as they are mostly college students looking to have a bright future ahead of them. The industry where you get your internship will most likely determine whether you will be paid or not. If it is in the IT and engineering industry then you will most likely be paid but if it is with the media and broadcasting industry then there is a big chance that internship is not paid. The money is not important in an internship anyway as long as it is beneficial to the student.